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BBc Webinars

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Blackboard Collaborate Essentials: Web Conferencing

View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

Participants in this workshop will get a solid foundation, enabling them to successfully deliver live, interactive Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions. Participants will learn how to effectively manage the session communication tools, display PowerPoint content and record sessions for later playback.

Upon completion of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the user interface – layouts and customization
    • Use Detach Panel to change the panel layouts
    • Use the Restore Default Layouts from the View menu to reset the panel layouts
  • Identify different methods of communication – audio, chat, video, and polling
    • Turn on and off the VoIP audio
    • Use the VoIP audio, including simultaneous talkers, to effectively verbally communicate during a session
    • Turn on the live video to display webcam video
    • Use Chat to send and receive public, private, and announcement type messages.
    • Change the Polling response options
    • Lock/unlock, hide/show and publish the Polling responses
  • Manage classroom interaction from the Participants Panel - participant permissions and understanding activity and status indicators
    • Give and take away the session permissions individually and globally. The permissions are Audio, Video, Chat, Whiteboard, Application Sharing and Web Tour
    • Interpret the Activity Indicators and use them to manage classroom interaction
    • Interpret the Status Indicators and use them to manage classroom pace
  • Manage Whiteboard content
    • Load a PowerPoint file to the Whiteboard
    • Navigate the Pages
    • Utilize the tools located on the Whiteboard Tools Palette to draw and write on the whiteboard
  • Generate a session recording
    • Turn on and pause the session recorder
    • Identify how to access the saved recording 


Beyond the Basics of Blackboard Collaborate:

View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

In this interactive workshop, participants build upon the Moderator foundation skills acquired in the Essentials workshop. Participants will learn to use the Whiteboard, Application Sharing, Web Tour and Breakout Rooms to make sessions more collaborative and interactive.

Upon completion of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Develop Interactive Whiteboards.
    • Add still and animated images to the Whiteboard
    • Demonstrate the steps to group/ungroup and move objects to the background of a screen.
    • Save and reuse Whiteboards.
  • Customized Clip Art
    • Create and manage custom Clip Art collections
  • Deliver a session using Application Sharing.
    • Distinguish between the Application Sharing options of sharing the Desktop vs. Application
    • Share an application with the session participants and pass control of the application to other participants
    • Utilize the advanced tools such as pause, preview and snapshot.
  • Deliver a session using Web Tour
    • Display a website to session participants and publish the URL to the Chat panel
  • Deliver a session using Breakout Rooms.
    • Create Breakout Rooms.
    • Move participants into and out of the rooms.
    • Load Whiteboard pages into a room.
    • Move pages from individual Breakout Rooms to the Main Room.
  • Hand-out a file to session participants using File Transfer.
    • Load and distribute a file using the File Transfer tool.
    • Identify File Transfer notifications.
    • Save the transferred file. 


Putting it all Together in Blackboard Collaborate

View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

Great Blackboard Collaborate sessions don’t just happen. Beyond having a relevant topic and good presenter skills, there are a number of factors that affect the end result. Whether participants are creating, producing, or presenting, this workshop will provide them with tips and tricks to deliver a great Blackboard Collaborate experience for everyone.

At Upon completion of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Review the content options
    • Match content types to the best session tool to achieve the learning objective
  • Demonstrate the ability to add content to the session i.e. load a Whiteboard and load a file to the File Transfer library
  • Practice putting a session in action
    • Demonstrate the ability to manage participants utilizing the tools and functionality of the Participants panel
    • Demonstrate how to start and pause the session recorder
    • Demonstrate the use of the Polling tool
    • Demonstrate how to share an application or the desktop and how to pass control to participants
    • Demonstrate the effective use of the Web Tour tool and understand the difference between Application Sharing and Web Tour
  • Identify best practices
    • Through practice and discussion identify Moderator and session best practices
    • Map best practices to personal and institutional teaching and learning goals
  • Explore next steps
    • Identify additional resources



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