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Collecting and Analyzing Data with ActivExpressions Self-paced Questions

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Collecting and Analyzing Data with ActivExpressions Self-paced Questions

 Date of Workshop, including year

Location of Workshop

Beginning and Ending Times of Meeting



Workshop Description: Participants will develop effective questions to engage students, using ActivExpressions devices for formative and summative assessments to evaluate students, and manage recording, storing, and browsing the results of voting sessions.


Outcome:  Participants will increase skills in the use and integration of technology in classroom instruction.


Indicator: Participants will create a lesson activity using effective questioning in a flipchart as an instructional strategy to support a lesson objective.


Prerequisite Skills:

Participants must have either four months experience using the basic tools in ActivInspire in instruction or have successfully completed the Using Interactive Whiteboard Technologies CPD course. This is not a basic workshop. Participants are required to bring materials for lesson objectives in order to create and submit an activity.



How can I use self-paced questions in ActivInspire with my students?

Add your suggestions to the Wallwisher below.

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Reading/ Language Arts 








World Languages





  1. 21st Century Skills and Environments.doc
  2. Levels of Implementation of Technology and Information Literacy Integration.doc
  3. Using LRS - ActiVotes ActivExpressons.doc
  4. Sample selfpace questions.flipchart
  5. Selfpaced questions sample.doc
  6. Generated questions.flipchart
  7. data export generated.xls
  8. data export.xls
  9. Collecting Assessment Data with ActivExpressions Self-paced Questions WS.doc
  10. 10421us_Updating_ActivExpression_devices_to_enable_'Self_Paced_Learning'.pdf
  11. Class lists from Easy Grade into ActiveInspire 
  12. InstructorGuide_Self-pacedQuestionsActivExpressions.doc
  13. ActivExpression Assign Devices Video




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