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Considerations for Integrating Flip Video in Instruction 

Use these questions as a roadmap to guide you as you plan for the use of Flip Video in your instruction.


  1. Where in my curriculum will the use of video enhance the content, increase student engagement, understanding, and/or rigor?  
  2. Why do I want to include video? Will the video be a differentiation of the content (images and sound as opposed to written words), process (active learning as opposed to passive), or product (video as opposed to an essay, drawing, etc)?
  3. How will I implement the activity? Will this be a center, whole group, small group, partner activity, etc...?
  4. What materials will I need? (Remember to think about extra batteries!)
  5. What materials will the students need?  Will they be creating a script or storyboard?  Are props involved? 
  6. Where will they film?  (The environment for filming is important. Audio on the flip isn't great, so don't have kids film in a noisy cafeteria.)  
  7. How much time will the students need to prepare for and implement the activity? Don't rush the wrap-up... Especially because of the equipment. 
  8. How will I assess the activity?  Do I need a rubric?   Whether it's something you made yourself, or a video you found on SchoolTube, an example of a finished product will help set your expectations.


Other considerations: 

  • Have a backup plan! What if the camera doesn't work? What if one of the partners is absent?
  • Teach the tool. You may not need a large amount of time for it, but a lesson for your students on safety and proper use of the camera is important. 
  • Doing the video yourself will help you find potential challenges and pitfals before you encounter them with your students. 


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