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Critical Thinking and Visual Learning with Kidspiration

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Critical Thinking and Visual Learning with Kidspiration

 Date of Workshop, including year

Location of Workshop

Beginning and Ending Times of Meeting




Workshop Description: Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which Kidspiration can support students’ higher order thinking skills, differentiated instruction, and authentic assessment.


Outcome:  Participants will increase skills in the use and integration of technology in classroom instruction.


Indicator: Participants will create a student exemplar or template in Kidspiration to support a lesson objective.


Prerequisite Skills:

Fundamentals of PC, Telecommunications – Email, Telecommunications – World Wide Web, and Word Processing.



How can I use the Critical Thinking and Visual Learning in Kidspiration with my students?

Fill in the chart with your suggestions.



Reading/ Language Arts 








World Languages





21st Century Skills and Environments.doc

Levels of Implementation of Technology and Information Literacy Integration.doc





Use the comment feature below to share ways the interactive features in ActivInspire can be used in the classroom.




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