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Flip Video- Student Creativity and Innovation

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Flip Video- Student Creativity and Innovation



Workshop Description:  Participants will explore the ways in which Flip video and editing support student creativity and innovation.


Outcome:  Participants will increase skills in the use and integration of technology in classroom instruction.


Indicator:  Participants will explore Flip Video and identify how it can be used to present information and content in different ways, differentiate the ways students can express what they know, and stimulate interest and motivation to learn. 


Prerequisite Skills:  Basic computing skills:  file management and word processing.



  1. Flip Camera Overview
  2. Videos Types:
    1. Storyboards and Animation: Making a Law

    2. Scripted Scenes and Dialogues: Living Museum

    3. Edited Video Projects: BrainPop on iPods

  3. Activities:
    • Activity 1: BrainPop is looking for more video ideas and has asked for student input. Your job is to create a script for your own BrainPop movie, where you and a classmate will act as Moby and Tim.
    • Activity 2: You have been asked to do an animation that will teach your classmates a new skill. Before you can start filming, you need to create a storyboard that maps out what your animation will look like.
    • Activity 3: You are going to receive direct instruction on how to use Windows Live Movie Maker to edit flip videos.
    • Activity 4: You're on a search to find math or language arts examples around the school. You will film as many of the examples as you can in 5 minutes. While you record your example, tell what it is and give a definition. Have fun and be creative! 
  4. Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement
  5. Alternative video options
  6. Ways to share and/or critique finished video projects






If you have already seen this video, take some time to explore Cast Learning Tools




Exit Ticket- How will you use the collaborative features in Flip Video with your students to:  Add your ideas to this Google Doc.






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