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VoiceThread - BCPS Acceptable Use Policy

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Activity 3  BCPS Acceptable Use Policy  (15 min)


Consider the following:


1. BCPS Department of Technology Web Filtering FAQ's https://intranet.bcps.org/offices/dot/webfilter/faq.html 


2.  BCPS Rules



Respond to the prompt using the VoiceThread below.  Describe how OIT's Protocols for the Use of Online Collaborative Tools align with BCPS rules and policies, the CIPA, and/or the best interests of students and teachers.




 Activity 4  What does copyright have to do with VoiceThread?  (10 min)




For Further Reading (after this workshop):


Post a Comment to the VoiceThread below. 

    1. On the first slide, describe some potential copyright issues in teacher- and/or student-created VoiceThreads.   
    2. On the second slide, recommend a "best practice" for teachers and students to avoid copyright violation.




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