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VoiceThread - Create a Second VoiceThread

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Activity 8  Create a VoiceThread with Audio Comments (30 min)

The purpose of this activity is to create a VoiceThread that could be posted on a class website the first week of school to greet students and parents.



Activity Directions Resources

1.  Save the following three pictures to your H: drive: (Picture 1 - Ants, Picture 2 - Books, Picture 3 - Notebook Paper)

  • After today's session, consider Editing  the pictures with Microsoft Paint (resource) to include a welcome message, your name and contact information, etc. or replacing them altogether with your own images of yourself and/or your classroom.  You can replacing a slide without affecting any of the comments.  (How?)



Replace a VoiceThread slide

2.  Login to http://ed.voicethread.com and Create a new VoiceThread.


Create a VoiceThread


3. Upload the picture you saved in your H: drive as slides in your VoiceThread.


Upload Files

4. Reorder the slides so that

  • the Notebook Paper is the first slide,
  • the Books are the second slide, and
  • the Ants are the third slide.


Change Slide Order

5.  Give your VoiceThread a Title, something like "Welcome!"  You may want to include your contact information in the Description.


Set the Title and Description


6. Select the Notebook Paper slide and Upload your "Welcome" WAV file (which you created in Activity 7 and saved in your H: drive) as a Comment on that slide.


Upload Audio File Comments


7. Select the Books slide and Record a telephone comment about what students will learn this year.


If you don't have a cell phone with you, feel free to use your headset to record the comment and take a look at VoiceThread's instructional video on telephone comments here.


Comment with a Telephone


8. Select the Ants slide and Record a comment about a few of your most important classroom policies and procedures using a headset. 


Comment with a Headset





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