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VoiceThread - Create a VoiceThread

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Activity 5  Create a VoiceThread  (45 min)


Review the tutorial.




Activity Directions

1. Read the National Geographic article, "Is Pluto No Longer a Planet."


National Geographic article


2. Login to http://ed.voicethread.com and Create a VoiceThread. 

  • Find an image of Pluto and save it to your H: drive.
  • Upload it as the first slide of your VoiceThread.
  • Give the slide the title "Background Information".


1-minute VoiceThread creation tutorial


Getting Started with VoiceThread handout



3.  Give the VoiceThread a title , such as "Two Sides to Every Story."   

  • In the description, clarify the purpose of this VoiceThread, which is "to summarize a National Geographic article and to state an opinion related to a scientific debate".



4. Comment on the first slide of your VoiceThread, summarizing the first paragraph of the article.



5. Create a new identity for Andy Cheng.

  • Select that identity.
  • Comment on the first slide of the VoiceThread as "Andy Cheng," summarizing his argument in the second paragraph of the article.


Identities tutorial


6.  Create a new identity for  Owen Gingerich.

  • Select that identity.
  • Comment on the first slide of the VoiceThread as "Owen Gingerich," summarizing his argument in the third paragraph of the article.


7. Select your original identity.  Comment on the first slide of the VoiceThread giving your opinion regarding Pluto's change in status.  


THURSDAY, we will...

8. Set the publishing options so that "anyone can view" your VoiceThread.   

  • Get a link to your VoiceThread. 
  • Post a comment below with a link to your VoiceThread.


How to Share tutorial






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