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VoiceThread - Sharing with Groups

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Activity 9  Join our Class Group (5 min)


Click on this link to join our group.  You may need to sign in to VoiceThread.




Activity 10  Share your VoiceThread with our Class Group (5 min)


Watch the video below for a quick overview of Groups and Sharing.



Share your VoiceThread with our class group, "Summer 2012 Workshop."




Activity 11  Comment Moderation (15 min)


Designate one person in the group to be the "Teacher;" the rest of the group members will be "Students" 


  1. The Teacher  should
    1. Create a new group (include your name in the name of the group).
    2. Enable students to join the group by doing one of the following:
      1. Drag and Drop members from our workshop group into your new group (How?), or
      2. Copy the group link and paste as a new comment, below[1] (Include the name of your group in the comment) (How?), or
      3. Send an email invitation[2] (How?)
    3. Edit his/her VoiceThread so that comments are allowed, but are not moderated.
    4. Give students directions about how they can join the group
      1. (either by logging into VoiceThread and selecting the new group from the left side of the "My Voice" tab,
      2. by clicking on the link in this PBworks wiki page's comment box below, or
      3. by checking their email for an invitation).

  2. The Students should
    1. Follow the teacher's directions to join the group.
    2. Open the Teacher's VoiceThread.
    3. Add two comments, one of which should be "off-topic" or mildly inappropriate and in violation of the BCPS Telecommunications Agreement for Students.

  3. The Teacher should
    1. Refresh the webpage or re-login to the VoiceThread website to load new comments.
    2. Find and eliminate "off-topic" comments either by
      1. Editing the VoiceThread to moderate comments (How?), and hiding (closed window icon) inappropriate and/or off-topic comments, OR
      2. Clicking on the trash can icon to delete the comments.

  4. The Students should
    1. Refresh the webpage or re-login to the VoiceThread website to re-access the VoiceThread. 
    2. Confirm that their inappropriate comments are deleted (and/or that other students' inappropriate comments have been moderated and are no longer visible)


CLARIFICATION: Students will still be able to see their own inappropriate comments, if moderated/hidden, but other students should no longer be able to see them.







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  1. If you don't see a box to add a comment (below), you may need to log in to PBWorks (click on "Log In" in the upper-right corner of the webpage). If that still doesn't work *sorrow*, please select another opinion, my apologies for the inconvenience!
  2. Caveat: Although students' VoiceThread usernames may look like email addresses (for example: ABC123@bcps.ed.voicethread.com), student VoiceThread accounts won't actually be connected to a real email address, so this option would only be useful to share a VoiceThread with other BCPS teachers, whose VoiceThread accounts are linked to actual BCPS email addresses.

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