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MimioVote- Assessing Student Understanding

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MimioVote- Assessing Student Understanding


Workshop Description:  Participants will set up classes and add students in Mimio Gradebook, review Mimio Vote hardware and how to connect to the computer, create assessments in Mimio Studio and review data collection in Mimio Gradebook. ** Please bring a class list and several multiple choice quizzes or tests you would like to develop for use with Mimio Vote.


Outcome:  Participants will increase skills in the use and integration of technology in classroom instruction.


Indicator: Participants will explore MimioVotes and identify how they can be used to present information and content in different ways, differentiate the ways students can express what they know, and stimulate interest and motivation to learn. 


Prerequisite Skills: Understanding of the basic tools in MimioStudio.



  • Effective questioning
  • MimioVote hardware
  • Voting options
  • Question and Result options
  • Self-paced questioning
  • Quick vote
  • Gradebook 



21st Century Skills and Environments.doc

Levels of Implementation of Technology and Information Literacy Integration.doc

Instructor Guide_MimioAssessment.docx

MimioVote_Assessing Student Understanding.ink



On-Demand Quick Learn Training

Mimio Studio Video Tutorials

  • MimioVote - Gradebook Basics WMV | MOV
  • MimioVote - Gradebook Import and Export Features WMV | MOV
  • MimioVote - Question and Result Objects WMV | MOV
  • MimioVote - Teacher-Led vs Self-Paced Testing WMV | MOV
  • MimioVote - Quick Vote WMV | MOV


If you have already seen this video, take some time to explore Cast Learning Tools


How can you use  MimioVotes with your students to assess student understanding?  Add your ideas to this Google Doc. 






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