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54 Introduction to Pixie 3

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  Introduction to Pixie 3

 Date of Workshop, including year

ocation of Workshop

Beginning and Ending Times of Meeting





Workshop Description: Participants will explore the ways in which Pixie 3 can support student creativity and innovation.

Take Two: Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which Pixie 3 can support student creativity and innovation. 


Outcome:  Participants will increase skills in the use and integration of technology in classroom instruction.


Indicator: Participants will create a student exemplar or template in Pixie 3 to support a lesson objective.


Prerequisite Skills:

Fundamentals of PC, Telecommunications – Email, Telecommunications – World Wide Web, and Word Processing.



Open an Activity
Use the Shape Tool
Use the Paint Brush Tool
Use the Paint Bucket Tool
Add a New Page
Add Stickers to a Page
Resize a Sticker
Move a Sticker
Duplicate a Sticker

Add a Text Object
Resize and Move a Text Object
Format a Text Object
Use the Spray Tool
Select an Area on the Page
Record Narration
Change the Order of Pages
Create an HTML Portfolio



How can I use Pixie 3 with my students?







21st Century Skills and Environments.doc

Levels of Implementation of Technology and Information Literacy Integration.doc

Exploring Number Facts.pdf

Pixie 3 Tutorials 



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