Web 2 Elementary Science


Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Elementary Science




Workshop Description: Web 2.0 tools are hosted on web sites that permit the user to not only consume (read about) information but also share (write about) their understanding. Participants will be exposed to a variety of web 2.0 tools and iPad apps that permit students to more deeply engage with scientific content.


Outcome:  Participants will increase skills in the use and integration of technology in classroom instruction.


Indicator: Participants will explore Web 2.0 tools and iPad apps to identify how they can be used to present information and content in different ways, differentiate the ways students can express what they know, and stimulate interest and motivation to learn.  


Prerequisite Skills: This is an intermediate level workshop. It is assumed that you have basic computing skills: ability to manage files, and navigate the internet.  If you intend to implement this instructional approach using an iPad, then participation in the iPad for Teachers 101 workshop or equivalent experience is required.





More about Technology Integration for Science

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If you have already seen this video, take some time to explore Cast Learning Tools



Exit Ticket- How will you use these tools for science with your students to:  Add your ideas to this Google Doc.