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Explain Everything

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Explain Everything





Screencasting: Allows to draw on the screen and narrate to make a movie of your explanation.


Works on:

iPad locally as an app (download)


Not supported under Windows 7



Explain Everything is a really robust app so it is well suited for teachers and older students. For younger students, share just a small number of its features. You can draw your own illustrations, or annotate over PowerPoint / Keynote slides, web sites, or even movies!  


When you create a presentation, you will save the project in its editable form in Explain Everything.  Then when it is finished, you will save another format of the presentation as a movie.  Depending on the length of the screencast this rendering process can take up to 10 minutes. Screencasts can be exported as movies on the camera roll, or exported to cloud based storage (e.g., Dropbox for teachers and students over age 13).  Once movies are exported to the camera roll, they can also be sent to apps which support Open In ... (e.g., Showbie) to be turned in to the teacher.  



Edshelf Overview and Review

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Explain Everything website





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